Binaural Hypnosis — How To Elevate Your Self-Hypnosis Practice With Binaural Beats!

Some years back, I was privileged with the opportunity to travel for a 10 day binaural hypnosis retreat. This was a personal-development program that was in a class all it’s own!


Originally, I had reservations about taking the course. It was expensive and I had a healthy skepticism that led me to think that the course might not likely deliver on its promises to change my life and help me make myself successful.


I decided to withhold judgment, though, until after I completed the course. By the time I finished, I knew without a doubt that the course would forever be imprinted in my hypnotic mind and that these learnings would change my life.


Binaural hypnosis did change my life!…


During the course, I took page after page and notebook after notebook of studious notes. I saved these notes and decided to write a book on the life-changing indirect knowledge I learned while sitting on the course, which took place way back in 2011.


I finally finished the book and decided to create a course that would be modeled after the exact course I sat on back then. I am finally finished with the whole program. Here’s what you’ll learn:



  • Use binaural beats to induce hypnosis effectively (Trance tuning).
  • Make self-hypnosis effortless (Achieve anything with self-hypnosis).
  • Tune your mind to the success frequency (Never say never ever).
  • Create a daily hypnosis discipline (Make hypnosis a habit).
  • Discover how limitlessness can be achieved (Elevate hypnotically).
  • Live hypnotically (Be successful and happy).
  • Improve your life beyond belief (Achieve your dreams).
  • Reach the deepest states of hypnosis (Experience going all the way down).
  • Program your hypnotic mind to bring out your genius (Succeed and achieve brilliance).


Here’s what you get:

  • The Book (This is based on my original notes, experiences, and much more)
  • Six Audio Lecture (Immerse yourself completely in binaural hypnosis and learn everything you need to learn)
  • 24 Powerful Professionally Produced Binaural Beat Audios (Graduate from one wave to the next as you become even more hypnotized than ever)


Would you believe you get all of this for the low, low, price below? Pretty amazing, huh?


No! You’re not dreaming! Although by the time you get to the Theta Wave Binaural Beats Audio (included in this course), you very well might end up falling asleep and dreaming! More importantly though this course will help you reach your full potential and coveted dreams.


I know you’ll get a lot of value from this course. I know you will: It’s fun. It’s informative. It’s packed full of value and more indirect knowledge than you’d ever expect. It is a great course to take and learn from!


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