CONTROL: How To Be More Self-Disciplined And Have More Self-Control!

When I first got started in Sales, selling Yellow Pages, I quickly learned how much there was that was involved with the job. It wasn’t as simple as calling on the customer to buy an advert in the directory. It was much more complicated than that.


I could make sales, yet upset my higher-ups when the paperwork wasn’t filled out correctly or properly organized. I sometimes had to wait to get paid, because the company took quite a while to process the contracts (I didn’t paid until the contracts were verified and processed).


It could be a lot of headaches…Indeed!


In my personal life, I’ve always liked order and knowing what was up. I have natural managerial tendencies. I try not to come across as ‘too managerial’ however. I’m not one–for example, who likes to micro-manage others.


I’ve always worked well autonomously, where I didn’t have to be responsible for others’ day to day activities. I have a hard enough time managing myself, most days! 🙂


Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about self-discipline and control. I believe that to be successful you have to be self-disciplined. A lot of people fail in this pursuit! I won’t name names; however, I know a few people who are very un-self-disciplined! To be honest, they’re not that successful according to them.



Success and self-discipline go hand-in-hand. If you want to be successful (according to your own definition of success) then my advice is to start with self-discipline and control.


I learned a lot about self-discipline and control growing up and living in India. I resided in a lot of ashrams (spiritual communities) and living there taught me discipline and what it means to have control. I’m not just referring to day-to-day activities, either; I’m also referring to having control over your own mind. This is where control begins.


Knowing just how important “CONTROL” is I’ve put together a course for you. Inside you’ll find six audio lectures and a book. I’ve also thrown in some quote posters to help remind you and teach you to keep control and to stay self-disciplined. I like to think it’s a pretty powerful course!… But I’ll let you decide for yourself. I’ve priced it at just $7.93 so you might be motivated to pick up a copy for yourself! This pricing won’t last, obviously, but I want you to have it sooner rather than later anyways!


This course offers a lot for less than the cost of a healthy meal. When you get finished with the course though, you’ll begin to understand that the value of the course far supersedes owning it. It is a step in the right direction. It is a move that moves you into positive territory. It may be one of the best investments you ever make. And, in the future, after you’ve put the course to work in your life, I’d love to hear about your success with the course. At that time, please email me and let me know how the course has helped you!


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