Drink Coffee Live Longer, Oh…The Irony!

I used to ask for coffee donations on this blog. I think it is ironic that now I have created a personal development program (course) focused around coffee. I’ve even went so far as to write a book: Drink Coffee Live Longer. It is being published now, as I write this.


I cannot begin to tell you in one blog post exactly how healthy coffee is for you. It can even save your life after a heart attack, say’s science. It can increase libido, which is great unless you happen to be a monk sworn to celibacy. Even so, coffee has many other benefits you should know about:


  • Make You Happy!
  • Save Your Teeth From Rotting Out!
  • Alleviate Inflammation and Disease Associated With Inflammation!
  • Get Vitamin B12 and Other B Vitamins Into A Vegetarian (or Anyone For That Matter)!
  • Increase Metabolism!
  • Help You Lose Weight!
  • Improve You Focus And Concentration!
  • Help You Keep From Getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases!
  • Help You Reason Logically!
  • Fight Off Cancer!
  • Fight Off Heart Disease!
  • Gets Rid Of Stress!
  • Live Longer!


Coffee is great for so many reasons! I personally like the taste!


Studies have proven that coffee can actually help a person live longer!


So back in the early days of this blog, I never realized it then, but all of you who donated a cup to my cause, were actually helping me live longer, thereby ensuring that my work could continue and that you could continue to benefit from it. Nice job everybody! Pats on the back for everyone! You can go first!


In all seriousness though, I have put together a must have course that will enlighten you about coffee and help you pull your life together for the better. I’m real excited about this course and the book and all the other great resources I’ve put together for you.


You can grab hold of your copy by entering your details below! As always, thanks for supporting indirectknowledge.com. I appreciate you!


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