How To Advance Your Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Using The ‘APPLY TO SELF’ Hypnotic Language Pattern

You can learn so much. I have. We all do. Even when we’re not aware we’re learning.


One hypnotic persuasion topic I started studying diligently when I first learned of it, was Sleight of Mouth Patterns. These patterns were delineated by Robert Dilts, who modeled Dr. Richard Bandler’s reframe patterns. If you’ve studied NLP, you probably know who Richard Bandler is. He is one of the co-founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. If you’ve studied him or sat on a program with him then you know first-hand how persuasive and capable a communicator Bandler is. He’s pretty cool to watch in action.


Well, one of these patterns Dilts discovered was the “Apply To Self” pattern. I’ve always loved this particular pattern. It is a bit hard to reconcile mentally though. It seems almost too easy at times and almost too difficult at other times. I don’t know if you can relate or not, but this pattern is extremely hypnosis inducing. Using it correctly almost makes you a hypnotic poet. I love the hypnotic rhythm that naturally arises when using the “Apply To Self” Sleight of Mouth Pattern. I have put a lot of people out with this pattern.


I did a lot of research coupled with a lot of experimentation and have finally broken the code on using this pattern effectively. I’ve created a special secret course where I reveal everything to you…


The course will take you in depth with setting up, preparing, and utilizing this pattern effectively to create the perfect hypnotic affect. You can grab the course below and experience using this pattern for yourself.


Today, though, I want to share with you a bit about this language pattern. It works like this:


Client: “My brother is a horrible person.”


Hypnotist: “That’s a horrible thing to say.”


Did you pick up on that effect?…


I hope so. There’s more. I don’t have time to post every nuance in this post, but you can grab the course at an amazingly low introductory price now.


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