How To Hypnotize People Using The Approach Bind Pattern

How would you like to learn a hypnotic language pattern that you can use immediately to hypnotize someone conversationally. This bind automatically follows the hypnotic progression. It’s amazing!


It also is a bind, a positive one might I add, that has proven itself time and time again to help people and make me sale after sale. I think it can do the same for you as well.


So here’s the basic premise: you start with asking questions. Get to know the person. Find out their pain points and pleasure points. Find out the solutions they seek from having a normal conversation with them. Then…


Then you apply the approach bind. Here’s how:


Take two things they want. Could be emotional and feeling based–for instance: (a) wanting to feel happy, and (b) wanting to feel more relaxed. Then utilize both to create the approach bind: “Do you want to feel happier or more relaxed?”


Purport: The person answering has to think about and internalize both emotional states, i.e. both ways of being. In this way, you are causing them to feel internally both ways. It binds them to both emotions indirectly. Then, after consideration, it pulls them in a certain focused direction, where they answer with one or the other. Either answer is exactly what they want.


Notice how the person’s disposition changes. Notice how they start to smile and become more relaxed. It’s amazing to watch happening!


Anyway, I could go on and on, but at some point you’d stop reading. For this reason, I’ve put together a very special course teaching you the secret techniques, tips, etc., regarding utilizing this pattern. There’s a lot in this course! A ton of value! I hope you get it and use this knowledge to enrich your life and perfect your hypnotic communication skills. This course is solid and packs a punch!


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