How To Retire Early With Free Passive Income Assets

For those of you who read: Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, you know the difference between an asset and a liability. You know the difference between income and expense. It’s not too hard to decipher. These make up two financial statements: balance sheet and income statement.


A balance sheet is comprised of assets and liabilities. An income statement is comprised of income and expense. Different income brackets spend money differently. Rich people usually let their money work for them to make more money. People who aren’t yet rich who do this usually become rich(er).


Middle income people usually spend their money on liabilities, going into debt.


Poor income people take their paycheck and spend it on stuff.


None of this is a judgment. None of it implies much beyond the simple fact of how people spend their money. The moral of the lesson is to spend your money on purchasing assets that make you more money and you’ll not have to work a job to make money; you can live off of the money produced from the assets you own.


There are different asset classes, though. Here is a list of some assets:


  • Real Estate
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Notes
  • Intellectual Property


Some assets cost money. Some assets cost you your time. Some cost you both. This is worth paying attention to if you wish to retire early and not have to work a job any longer.


You can buy a house, rent it out, and generate passive income this way. The house will cost you money though. If you cannot earn enough to save up enough to buy the house you’ll have to go in debt to buy the asset. Ownership of a house can also cost you money. If you tenant calls you in the middle of the night and tells you, “My roof is leaking water! Come stop it!” This will cost you money unless you know how to roof a house. Even still, you’ll have to buy the materials to fix it. So, it will still cost you money.


Another example is buying stocks. You can pay $7 for a stock (share of a company) and in a week the price of the stock could drop to $6 a share. You’ve just lost xx% instead of gaining xx%. So this could be considered a liability in such a circumstance. Not to mention, you’ll have to save up $7 to buy the $7 product. In such a case, it takes money to make money. This means you have to find the money somewhere, don’t you?


The last example is different. Here is an example of an asset that costs you nothing in terms of money. It may cost you a little of your time, however. You could say it is time well spent though. Suppose you sit down at your computer and write an ebook and post it for sale on the internet. Now let’s suppose you price it at $10 and a week later you make a sale. You’ve just generated $10. Suppose it only took you an hour to write the ebook–you made $10 per hour of time spent on creating the ebook. Let’s suppose after a 12 month period you sell 100 copies. One hour of your time has now become worth $1000. Let’s suppose a year later you sell a thousand copies. One hour of your time has now produced $10,000 in income, all passively.


It cost you nothing except an hour!


What if there was a way to learn how to create passive income assets in less time? Your time could become worth considerably more and you could generate significantly more passive income in a smaller period of time.


In time, you could retire with more income coming in that you ever earned at your job, and you wouldn’t have to work any longer for the money.


What if you had $10,000 per month coming in passively? This would amount to $120,000 per year in passive income. You would have your time back wouldn’t you? You would be able to live where you wanted! You would be able to do what you wanted (legally of course)! You would be able to spend more time with those you love! You would be able to come up with new ways of investing your money to make it make even more money.


What if you could make all this a reality in less than 5 years?


Even if it took you 10 years, you’d still be much further ahead than 99% of everyone else out there, wouldn’t you? You’d be retired, living the life, loving every minute of it!


This is what happened to me. I started investing in passive assets because I had lost my @55 in the stock market when the real estate bubble burst and Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns died. It was a painful lesson in risky investing, but no regrets anymore. It taught me how to invest without money, which I want to teach you now. Keep reading…


I’ve put together a no-nonsense practical course on passive income. I’ve created a passive income planner that will assist you in creating your passive income assets. This complete course makes the process easy and doable. It is a great course!


Besides being only $7 today, you will learn a lot and be on your way to retirement sooner rather than later. Let’s make it happen!


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