How To Save A Sale: The Ultimate Save The Sale Letter Template System Revealed!

Four months ago, I was helping a young woman who owns a small metaphysical shop learn to sell her services. Her services include tarot reading, life coaching, and pranic psychotherapy. It is all very interesting!


During our initial discovery session, she explained how she had a very hard time getting and keeping clients.


I could tell she was very competent and self-confident in her abilities to help her clients. I had no doubt she brought immense value to the table. Her passion was exciting to witness! I immediately liked this person!


After our initial discovery session, I agreed to coach her in sales and so we set up a time to meet each week, on the phone, and this went on for about eight consecutive weeks.


During the second or third week of coaching her, she reveled a situation that had happened to her that week, which had caused her to lose a sale. The potential customer came into her store, they inquired about her life coaching program, then left the store. When my client called them a week later, to follow up, they admitted to her how they’d hired another coach, instead of her.


Faced once with a similar problem, I sent my client over a letter template that I had drawn up years earlier, which I had used to save many sales and recruit many coaching and sales training clients. This letter template was the perfect tool!


My client took the template, filled it out, and sent it to her potential client (the one who’d chosen to go with another coach) and within a few days, had saved the sale. She called me up ecstatic and could hardly believe that my letter template had worked!


The money she would earn off of this one coaching client would bring in ten times the revenue she’d spent hiring me to coach her. Was the coaching worth it? You Betcha!


Over the years, I’ve drafted many hypnotic letters that have saved me from losing sales. Writing these letters was no easy chore! A lot of testing over the years went into perfecting the letters!


Today, I have decided to release my letters to anyone who wants them. These letters are ones that I have used to save the sale time and time again. They’ve made me countless dollars over the years! They continue to make me money over and over again. Now you have the opportunity to own them, so you can save your own sales!


There are ten of these letters. Each one is designed around a different sales scenario. Here is a helpful list to help you process what I mean:


  • Not in the budget!
  • No follow-through!
  • Refund!
  • Doesn’t buy!
  • Says No!
  • Doesn’t show for appointment!
  • Hire another instead of you!
  • Winning back client business!
  • Cancelled membership!
  • Sales call doesn’t go as planned!


As you can see, these are scenarios that happen frequently for us sales people, coaches, and business owners! These letters will save you time, money, and ensure more sales for you!


If you want to make life easier, want to sell more, and want to save your sales, then don’t hesitate or wait on this incredible offer. Waiting could mean the difference between winning or losing your next sale!

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