How To Utilize The Apposition of Opposites Hypnotic Language Pattern So You Can Quickly Hypnotize People!

When I first learned about this hypnotic language pattern certain things started making a lot more sense to me regarding Ericksonian Hypnosis. For one, Erickson utilized this exact pattern often; especially when he utilized his own Utilization Pattern. Here is an example of how you can use it:


Example: When you turn off your ignorance, you turn on your competence.


In the above example (which I made up) I’m exhibiting the essence of the Apposition of Opposites Hypnotic Language Pattern. For one, we all know how to turn on and off a light switch. Instead of something physical, in this example, the hypnotic subject is being suggested this idea/notion that ignorance and competence (opposites) can be just as easily turned on and off, like a light can be.


Notice the implication of a hypnotic metaphor being introduced, subtly through the vagueness of this indirect language pattern.


Notice the cause and effect statement. Cause and effect statements are open to both interpretation and perception. When meaning is discerned we then have all the makings of a ‘belief’ (useful or not/true or not). Still this hypnotic language pattern is astonishing; namely, for putting someone into a trance, by having them internalize the meaning of the cause/effect statement.


So, wow!…


This pattern has the power of indirectly making people realize how easy it is to flip a mental switch and go from ignorant to competent! It also has the ability to hypnotize someone indirectly. It also serves as a hypnotic metaphor for seeing both sides of something (nb: that “something” isn’t yet known, yet might be known soon).


The apposition of opposites pattern is brilliant. Erickson, in my opinion was a genius hypnotist! He became this way, like so many other master hypnotists, by practicing and honing his linguistic skills.


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