Hypnotize People To Say YES!

How would you feel if you could get someone to agree to do whatever it is you wanted them to do? Anybody!…


Think about the implications of what I’m suggesting: you would literally be able to make someone do whatever it is you wanted them to do. If you’re a sales pro, you would make people buy! If you were a therapist, you would make people feel happy! If you are in an unhealthy relationship, you could make your partner into the perfect partner.


Does this sound a little unethical? It really isn’t, let me assure you!


Here’s more of what I actually mean: You can utilize a specific hypnotic language pattern (Yes-Set Pattern) and virtually ensure that someone will tell you ‘yes’ and agree to whatever you suggest. It’s simple. It requires little effort on your part. And best of all it really truly works!


Every single time I’ve used this pattern, I’ve been able to use it effectively. I have gotten stellar results in sales and the professional world of selling. I have improved online marketing assets that have gotten me many more sales. I have used this yes-set pattern to build strong and lasting relationships with people (even difficult family members). I’ve even used it to protect myself against it being used on me.


Here’s the basic principle: You pace and lead a minimum of three verifiable truths, followed by one leading statement that only needs to come across as plausible or acceptable. Let me demonstrate an example:


Example:  You’re reading this. You’re making sense of what I’m explaining. Your eyes are open. And, you’re ready to grab this course, which I’m about to start talking about.


Purport: I’ve stated the obvious as true, which you’ve mentally agreed with me on. The I stated a not-so-obvious ‘thing’ which is to say you’ll buy the course that follows (no I’m not suggesting that you buy the course that follows in ‘real life’; only through this example to illustrate that it is just an example).


I could literally go on an on with giving you examples and explaining this pattern in more detail, and filling your head with tons of secrets, hidden techniques, concealed tips, etc. However, I would prefer instead to let you grab this astonishing course that I believe you will absolutely love and appreciate.


Once you take the course, you’ll learn secrets about applying this pattern that you never learned anywhere else. I’ve used the psychology of the ‘yes-set’ to win people over, time and time again. I highly recommend this course to you! Make sure you grab it while it is priced low!


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