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Years ago, I had a student ask me, “Bryan, what is the difference between a master hypnotist and just a hypnotist?”


Here was my reply:


A master doesn’t need to follow a pack. A master doesn’t need to memorize anymore techniques. A master doesn’t need to call on other masters. A master is a master because he or she is able to lead, able to create their own techniques, and someone who is called on by others. That’s the difference between the master and the student.


A master hypnotist takes the time to learn the basics so well that he or she is able to discern how to create new hypnosis techniques. Milton Hyland Erickson (nb: Erickson was the father of indirect hypnosis) called this ability the utilization principle. He used whatever he had at his immediate disposal to hypnotize his hypnosis subjects. He created his own techniques. He didn’t follow the lead of other hypnotists. He even said, once, that those wanting to learn and master hypnosis should not do ‘his’ hypnosis or memorize ‘his’ language patterns, etc. He believed that true hypnosis came from introspection and learning from the world around one’s self. He was a wise mentor.


I have put together a special course. On this course, I teach you how to immediately go from being a hypnotist to becoming a master hypnotist. You’ll learn four secrets to mastery that will elevate you almost instantaneously. There will be some work you’ll need to do, but I walk you through exactly what to do and teach you how to do it.


This course is for anyone who wants to master hypnosis. By the time you finish taking this course and doing the exercises, you’ll be a master hypnotist. You’ll be able to discover new hypnosis techniques without thinking about it. You’ll be able to speak a few words and hypnotize someone instantly.


This is a powerful course.


Inside, you’ll receive six downloadable audio lectures and a 176 page digital course book. What you learn will be more valuable than any amount of content you could purchase though. You’ll be becoming a master hypnotist. It will happen on this course!


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