Law of Attraction: Attract What You Desire!

I remember when The Secret came out! I remember reading Napoleon Hill and every book ever written by Dr. Joseph Murphy, and heck even The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale… They all add up to the same thing basically!


Or do they?…


The basic premise is: “What you think about, you bring about!”


Put another way: “Thoughts become things!”


Yet, another: “If you believe it, you’ll receive it!”


They’re all essentially saying the same thing; a secret code that unlocks unlimited potential and material success.


What’s the secret, though?…


Is it really a secret? Hmm…?


Think about it. You want something. You think about it a lot. You convince yourself you already have it. One day (who knows when exactly), you receive it, as if by surprise! Are you shocked? Should you be?


The Law of Attraction is a nice law in theory. Does it work for everyone though? If it did, wouldn’t most of the people who purchased the book The Secret or watch the Movie, have all become wealthy and successful? I mean think about it seriously for half-a-moment. Does this theory really work? Would it work for you?


Have your doubts?…


Most people do. This, I believe, is one reason it doesn’t work for everybody!


Wait! Wait! Wait!… Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly! I’m not saying that I personally believe it works at all for anybody. Not to worry, I’ll get there…


How about sooner; rather than later…




I believe in the Law of Attraction. There! I said it.


However…let me add…I think there is one crucial element missing!


I think that crucial element is ‘action’ and ‘reaction.


Let’s talk for a moment about another law. Namely, Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which states: “For Every Action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Plainly put, the same force by which someone’s car hits a deer while driving down the road, is the same force that hits the car by the deer. They are equal. The only difference is the mass and acceleration of the two factors. Deer can be killed, cars damaged.


When you think about something intensely–for instance owning a big bank account–an action on your part–there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Perhaps your bank account is also thinking about you? Speculate, wonder, imagine all you want… But, is thinking enough? What about doing?


Is thinking that you’re rich a rich enough reason to think it? That’s for you to decide!…


I have a special program I have put together for you. This is a Law of Attraction course. It’s actionable (meaning you’ll be doing something) and it’s pretty cool! We even had a professionally rendered audio book of the guide created for you. There is more… Besides the book and workbook and audio book, I’ve also included a check-list and slide deck to help you master the material and put the Law of Attraction to work in your own life.


Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, the course may put you in a good mood and give you direction and focus and surprise you. I bet it will.


Give it a go!…


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