Let’s start a business and let me do all the work!

I would say in the last year, I’ve had probably around two hundred requests from people, asking me if I’d help them start a business, be their partner, etc. “Well, I’m pretty busy,” is usually my answer.


The real truth is I’ve partnered with people before and my experience has usually been the same: that I do all the work and my partner takes a back seat, and takes half the money. I still like helping and partnering with people who are serious, don’t get me wrong, but maybe the form needs to change. You know what I mean by that? Maybe you can relate on some level.


The real answer to helping and partnering with people is helping them to help themselves. I profited more when I was helped in this way and so I feel it only right to return the favor.


Maybe I’m rattling… (sorry for that, please keep reading)


So I’ve put together a really special program; a course that teaches people how to use what I call The Wealth Mantra to start getting what they want. At first, I thought, “I’ll sell the course and it alone will help people.” Then I rethought my thinking and thought, “Why not sell the course as PLR, so those who purchase it can rebrand it and resell it and make money themselves from the course, as this would get the course into the hands of a lot more people, etc. etc. etc.” I know…I think a lot!


Listen, I spent a lot of time, energy, and money developing this course. I wanted it to be perfect. This was before I thought to sell it as PLR.


I literally had to go back after creating the course, writing the book, spending countless hours creating the advertising art and design work assets, creating a website sale’s page, a premium high-quality money making cheatsheet, to make sure everything was completely stripped of branding, etc.


What I’m telling you is this: I created a course that works, that’s amazing, and that I was happy to put my own name and brand on, and then decided last minute to let you own the entire program, take credit for all the hard work I put into it, even put your name on it (takes less than five minute), and have something truly amazing that you can sell almost immediately and start profiting from over and over again, literally for the rest of your life.


That’s what I’m trying to get out!


I still can’t do justice in explaining everything you get with this course. Maybe I should do a video to help explain things better. Okay… That’s what I’ll do. Be right back…


I’m back… Here’s the video to help explain what I may have failed in words to say on this blog post:



What else is there really left to say? I don’t know.


I tell you one thing though…


This is a course you’ll really be proud to put your name on it and take ownership of it. I mean, just look at those graphics! The fine intricate details really sell it. It is really the fine details and the high quality content that make it so spectacular! You’ll get a lot of compliments while you make a lot of money. That’s a win-win in my book!


But, here’s what you know, that they don’t know…


You know that the course is worth a lot of money. The results are equally important. They matter! The results speak for themselves. These results speak volumes! What a person learns and takes action on in the process of taking the course is life changing (in a good way)! Think of the people you’ll be helping when you sell them a copy of this powerful life changer! It could me a lot more people than you might anticipate! Seriously!


Alright… No more talk. Time to take action. Time to buy!


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