The 30 Day Challenge Method Revealed!

Did you know there is a simple way to create content on the fly that can be repurposed into just about any type of digital content you can think of fast? True!


When I stumbled upon this top secret method for creating content I was blown away by the versatility that came along with it. I was now able to write standard sized books and ebooks, audio courses, video courses, blog courses, webinar courses, teleconference courses, social media posts, plus really anything else you can think of pertaining to content creation. The best part, I could utilize all of these formats and only have to create one single product. This is the truth! I promise!


It gets better…


The upfront product I’ll be teaching you how to create is a hot seller! It makes me a ton of money just through this origination point. Then everything else is just icing on the cake. Let me explain…


What you’ll be taught how to do is create a front end product. This product is a brilliant 30 day challenge product. You’ll be shown all the secrets, everything!


Then once you’re finished creating it, you’ll sell it for a ton of profit fast! This will help explode your bank account before you even have time to notice. This was my first experience adopting this little-known content marketing method.


Finally, you’ll learn how you can take this content and turn it into an endless pile of passive assets that will continue to drop money into your bank account on autopilot. I know how this sounds…


Don’t over think this though. I am letting you have these secrets that I reveal in this course, for just $9.99. Hurry though, I can’t promise I’ll keep it priced so low.


This course comes complete with a premium digital book, plus five powerful audio lectures.


When you’re finished with this course, you’ll be able to start or improve upon your content marketing business; putting in less time and much less effort. You will be able to create everything you’re currently doing, only without the frustration, angst, aggravation, and dread. Instead, you’ll simply have a method (a plan) that you can instantly begin rolling out, so you can start getting the results you dream about getting!


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Founder: Bryan Westra

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