How To Become An Expert Content Creator, So You Can Become An Expert Content Marketer

It is October and it is time to begin preparing for 2018. To make this just a little bit easier for you, we’ve put together a home study course that is aimed at helping you create expert content that people will beg you to buy.


If you’ve ever tried to create a new product launch, then you know the battles content creators face. It can be very frustrating at times.


Many internet marketers have their approaches. Some of them gladly sell their secrets. I know, I’ve purchased and tried out these secrets year-after-year of being in business. I know the approaches that work best. I even know the best approach!


This expert content creation home study course will teach you the best approach that I have found for quickly creating the highest-quality content so you can let go of the frustration and simply follow some easy instructions. The best part is we show you everything step-by-step in this total home study program.


By the time you finish with this course, you’ll have our secrets and be able to quickly turn out content in barely any time at all. You’ll be able to affix a premium price to your launches because of the value that will be packaged inside your content.


It makes sense to us that if you work less and earn more, you have a recipe for success in business.


I want you to think about this a different way. I want you to imagine for a moment the big picture. See yourself creating content everyday in barely any time at all. By the time you’ve finished putting the content out there, you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.


Imagine also being able to work remotely anywhere in the world, like I do. One minute I’m nestled into my home in Ann Arbor, Michigan — the next moment I’m on Clearwater Beach, living it up with the people I love. I can be in India hanging out with friends, backpacking Europe, or off gallivanting someplace entirely different. I still make money.


I’m not the type of person to brag or boast about my successes. I know that business isn’t always fun and game or easy. It can be a lot of fun though most of the time and most days it is easy and this home study course will hopefully make it to where you can work less and make more and be in a similar situation that I am in.


You all know me. I’m a simple person who cares more about reducing the clutter and complications in my life, I’m a minimalist, and this course has been designed to reduce your headaches and complications and make your life simpler and your content marketing business easier to operate, while you make a lot more sales.


This home study course is a series of 30 new, on-screen video training tutorials on how anyone can turn their knowledge – or even other people’s knowledge – into sellable content!

After creating hundreds upon hundreds of various information products, THIS is the difference between creating content that SELLS and random content no one will even want.

The video training covers various ways on how one can productize his or her knowledge like…

Creating high quality E-Books that sell

Video training (like the one we’re offering here)

Membership sites

Effective Powerpoint trainings


And more within the 30 videos…

Unlike the other generic training products you’re used to seeing out there, these videos go into detail it’s like watching over my shoulder as a product is being created right before your eyes!


If you’re curious about what’s inside this home study course, here is everything that’s been put together for you (remember these are videos that teach you step-by-step EVERYTHING):

Here’s The Full Video List

E-Book Content Formula (5×5)

How To Format Your E-Book

How To Create Table of Contents

Cover Creation with

How To Put Cover on E-Book

How To Convert To PDF

How To Password Protect Your E-Book

How To Use Camtasia To Record On-Screen Video

Editing The Video (cut video clips, remove audio)

How To Remove Noise In Camtasia

How To Create Transitions

How To Render Your Video In Camtasia

How To Record Powerpoint Slides

How To Change To 16:9 Landscape

How To Create Transitions

How To Create Animations

How To Change And Format Image And Background

How To Add Text Effect

How To Add Audio/Video

AnyVideo Converter (MPEG4 -> MP4)

How To Record In MP3

Tips To Record High Quality Audio

What is a Podcast?

How To Create Compelling Podcast

How To Start Recording Podcast

How To Publish Your Podcast

How To Setup A Membership Site

How To Create Membership Levels

How To Customize Your Pages

How To Protect Pages

CD (Kunaki) Physical Publishing

“Print On Demand” for home study course


If you were to get one thing out of this home study course that made your passive income potential more lucrative and easier to obtain, then probably any price would be worth the purchase. But you all know me. I’m not here to under deliver and over charge. I’m here to over deliver and under charge. In all likelihood you’ll receive more than thirty things out of this home study course that will expedite your income sooner rather than later.


This course is easily worth $300 and after you implement what is taught and start making a lot of money it would certainly be priceless in terms of the value that you’ll be receiving. Even so, I’m pricing it at only $17 during this short launch period. Later, the price will rise to reflect the true value of this home study course.


If you want it, go for it now, while the price is ultra unbelievably low and take advantage and leverage this hard work of mine and the revelation of secrets revealed throughout this expert content creation home study course. Most of the secrets revealed on this course have only ever been revealed on this course. You won’t likely find them anywhere else, EVER!


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