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I am putting together a new service that you may be interested in. The service involves me casting hypnotic spells and doing hypnotic counselling for you.


For years, I have been casting hypnotic spells on another site I own. I am a master when it comes to remote hypnosis. I have written books on this subject matter and been a true innovator in the field.


The way hypnotic spells work is that you’ll purchase my service (see below) and tell me what you are looking to achieve or receive in terms of a result. For example, perhaps you want to cast a hypnotic spell on someone to make them fall in love with you or a hypnotic spell to get your ex back, well you’d specify this and then what I would do is remotely hypnotize the person tonight and supplant the instructions/affirmation/suggestion/etc. into their hypnotic mind (subconscious mind/unconscious mind/other mind). The next step is that I would contact you the next day via email and let you know how it went and what to expect next.


If you purchase the additional hypnotic counselling service which is an add-on service to the hypnotic spell service, I’ll counsel and coach you for a 60 minute period and keep an ongoing dialogue going with you to ensure that get what you want. This is entirely optional though, and completely up to you. I do advise purchasing this auxiliary service if you want one-on-one hypnotic counselling and coaching with me. It is worth a lot more than I am charging for the service. Once I have a full roster of coaching/counselling clients I will dismantle this service. So my advice is to get in early and take advantage of this offering.


If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to me: bryan@indirectknowledge.com


If you’re ready for me to cast a hypnotic spell for you, order now, below, and I’ll cast the spell tonight for you.









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